Monday, March 2, 2015

Acrylic and encaustics

  Well I feel like the 3 days I had off wasn't near enough to catch up after working 5 of 6  12 hour night shifts last week (and my one day off I stayed up all day after work until that night) - one of these days I will fixing to lay down for my pre-night shift nap here as soon as I am done typing so that should help a bit :)
  A bit more catching up - the first 3 pics are of a piece I finished off in an acrylics class with CLL that focused on textures and special techniques  - I have a couple more from that class that aren't finished yet....
               I started this piece by painting the random colors all over the canvus, then added some texture with some gesso, then the birds were done with a stencil and gesso. Then I started playing with a bit of zentangle with a paint brush and black paint on the background. Lastly I used a fine sharpie to tangle the birds (the gesso does gunk up the tip of the fine sharpie so you need to clean it a lot as you go).
  Actually I say it is done but I am thinking I will be adding it to an encaustic piece I have been thinking of.....
  Speaking of encaustic - the last 2 pics are of my studio space rented from a friend at a building of her and her hubbys that will have studio space in the one room and a gallery in the other big room. I just moved my stuff in this last week and had a bit of time to play there this weekend.....
   All for today - hope to be back here Wednesday or Thursday - working tonight and tomorrow....and speaking of that, it is defiantly NAP Time!!!
   Take Care

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Carching up

   Well I am starting to catch up a bit - a ways more to go but a start anyhow. I got talked into an extra shift last week and am only just getting my stuff back in gear from that because it made it so that I worked 5 of 6 days - all 12 hour night shifts and well....hate to say it...but that kinda stuff isn't as easy to do as it used to be....
  Showing you some pictures  today of projects from the 3D box and card class that I am teaching with our local CLL (Center for LifeLong Learning - all volunteer, local classes)
  The first 2 pics are from a Technique Junkie pattern for a lantern.
  Next is a basket that is an Accu cut die topped with a Accu cut ribbon die (designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman)
  Next is a purse die from Papertrey Ink that we glittered up.
And the last 2 are an easel die, also from Papertrey Ink, which is just too cute - I will be using that one more!!!
   All for today - headed over to my studio (boy that is fun to say :) - I am renting some studio space to use for encaustics and have just moved stuff in and today will have some time to play - should have some pics for you tomorrow.
   Take Care

Monday, February 16, 2015

Rainbow Moon

  Just a sweet little project to show you before I head off to work for the evening....
  I made this up like a playing card with an image on the front and the back with a plainer image that I will duplicate. The little store here in town that I have some of my art consigned too is also a meditation and spiritual center and they do readings and such. One of the customers asked if I could do personal reading cards - well she never got ahold of me to tell me what she wanted but I liked the idea so I plan to do up a few just for fun and take then down there.
  This image is from Sweet Pea Stamps and is called 'Rainbow Moon' by Linda Biggs.
  I colored her with copics and then added glitter to her wings, seashells, parts of her tail and a bit in her hair and on the stars.
  The last picture is the back of the card  - I used a mandala type stamp from Papertrey Ink embossed in black onto a pretty gold sparkly paper from Paper Temptress.
   All for tonight - Take Care

Friday, February 6, 2015

3D with rhinestones

  Ah Friday....for most of you that means a weekend off, alas for my its day 1 of 3  twelve hour shifts in a row (night shift...)
  So I took the pups for a long walk and am headed to the craft room for a bit.
  Showing you the last of the samples I made for Mondays 3D box and card class using another of the 'landscape die from Accu cut and another digital image from Rick St.Dennis.
  I foofed it up a bit this time with some pretty rhinestones, inside and out....
   All for today - Have a great weekend and I will see you all again on Monday afternoon sometime :)
   Take Care

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Accu cut landscape die and Rick St.Dennis

  Well my puppies are happy campers today - they didn't get a walk yesterday because of the rain (and I was too tired after work in the am to brave the rain...) so I got them (and me :) a good long walk this morning. Chilly but that just made me walk faster which is better for me and the pups too(they would love it if I ran but that aint happenin :)
    Todays card is another from my class on Monday (a 3D box and card class that I  am teaching with our local, all volunteer adult learning organization here in town).
   I used a wonderful die from Accu cut designed by my friend Vicki Chrisman, and a digital image from Rick St.Dennis - and I guess you can say that this is my very first card with one of his images (I have several colored up but not made up into anything yet...)
  The black base is a very heavy black cardstock that is almost chipboard weight and works perfectly for this die. and then I used a pretty silver paper from Paper Temptress that I cannot remember the name of....
  I kept this one fairly simple with minimal decs just cause I really liked the black and white and silver.
  I used a white with silver ribbon as a closure for this card - and I stamped a phrase on that panel but it doesn't show up well (I will adjust that once I get a spare minute .....
   And speaking of spare minutes, I am out of them for now - I have and art class, then post office, bank, groceries and then maybe some craft time this afternoon......
    Take Care

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3D box and card class - more stairstep cards....

  Been a busy day for me here - got a bit of sleep this am and then up by noon to make a class with CLL that I am taking, then a couple errands, then home to play with the pups (rainy, damp and very cold today so we played house tag and house fetch :)
  So now finally some blogging time...
   This is another sample from my 3D box and card class. I used all the same papers and such as yesterdays card but the main image is one from a blog called " Two for Tuesdays" - She post old/vintage photos and magazine pages that are free for you to use  - I have a file made to save ones I liked over the last couple years and just love this flower!!!
I used some silver corner stickers on this one and some shiney flowers with a pearl center. I also used a black pearl outline on the flower panel that I think really makes it pop....
  All for today - trying to get my 3D box class organized and started for next Monday because I got talked into an extra shift on Friday night so am working all weekend....
   Take Care

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3D box and card class - stairstep card

  A quick note today before I head off to bed for the ya know :)
  I had the second session of my 3D box and card class with our local, all volunteer adult learning organization here in town and this week I had for them 2 styles and all in black and white.
  For this card I used and Accucut die which makes doing a stairstep card so quick and easy that it is ridiculous!!!!
  I used a pretty white/silvery shimmery cardstock from Paper Temptress called 'silver luster' for the base and then had some panel made up for them to add as they wished using stamps from Flourishes (sadly, no longer in business, but still some of my very favorite stamps!!!). I had them edge the edges of the panels with silver metallic ink and then for my demo model here I added some pearls and a white ribbon flower and a pretty little cameo button
  All for today - will have more class samples for you over the next couple days :)
      Take Care