Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sweet Turtle Mermaid

  Pre-posting for you today - home from work in the am to hopefully have enough energy to do a set of stretches before I cozy up in my bed for the day and back to work tonight....
  Another 'reading card' for you today - making these up for someone who wanted her own pretty deck of cards to meditate and do 'readings' with. I am not typically into that myself but more than happy to play with my pretties and make something pretty for someone else!!!
  This image is from Sweet Pea Stamps artist 'Aurora Wings ' called 'Sea turtle kiss' and I colored her up with prismacolor pencils.
  I layered her to a gold shimmery cardstock and edged both layers with gold metallic pen and then added a couple stickers for accents.
  I have used this sweet image a lot - she is just adorable!!!
  All for now - Take Care

Monday, July 6, 2015

Blue Dragon

  Well I had a good weekend - spent most of the day yesterday in my craft room while it was thunderbooming and raining outside and got a fair amount finished.
  Not raining this am yet so took the pups for a quick walk (looks like its a 'fixin' to rain :) and so now some house work and maybe a bit of yard work if the rain holds off a bit - then later a nap before heading into work tonight....
  Another in the reading card series - more than half way done now.....
  This sweet image is from Sweet Pea Stamps artist Rebecca Sinz and is called 'Blue Companion'
I colored her with prismacolor and polychrome pencils and edged both layers with gold metallic pen.
 The bottom layer is a gold shimmery cardstock that I stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink. Lastly I added a couple gold stickers for accents.
  All for this am - will see if I can get some tasks accomplished outside my craft room today :)
   Take Care

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Enchanted

  Well a rainy, muggy Sunday morning here in NW Florida... we got out for about an hour walk with the pups and we were hearing thunderboomers for the last 10 minutes or so of our walk and the rain started before we had even been home 5 minutes.
  I am planning for a relatively lazy day as we stayed up late watching an old 'Terminator ' movie and the dogs had us up and out the door by 7...cant do yard work or get in the pool so its to the craft room I go this am :)
  Todays project is another of the reading card series with a newer image from Sweet Pea Stamps called 'The Enchanted' by Molly Harrison.
  I colored this one with polychrome pencils and added just a bit of glitter to their wings. I really like this dragon and the fairies wings too!!!
  Mounted the image panel to some gold shimmery cardstock and edged both layers with gold metallic pen.
  The back of the gold cardstock is stamped/embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink. and lastly I added some gold corner stickers.
   All for this am - time to head for the craft room!!!
      Take Care

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tangled Flight

  Well I am up and moving after working last night but don't really have much motivation yet...come on caffeine :)
  Showing you a project that I finished off in my studio earlier this week.
  This is a large piece - 18 by 24 and is a piece of birch.
  I first put on several layers of encaustic gesso so it was nice and white and then spent several months - a bit at a time inbetween other stuff - adding the zentangle background.
  Well to be accurate this piece started with the 8 by 10 center piece in a class I took this spring where we played with backgrpounds and stencils and textures - the background was painted with acrylics and then added some clear paste for texture and then some gesso, then a stencil with gesso and finally I added the zentangle with a fine sharpie and a fine paintbrush.....
  So once the board was fully tangled I started adding layers of clear encaustic wax - about 6 to 8. I then measured around the 8 by 10 piece and cut into the wax a few layers down to embed the main piece. Then I added about 2/3 layers of wax over it all again and smoothed the surface with an encaustic iron. I added black wax to the edges as it looked a bit more finished that way, added hardware and will be added to my studio space this week :) It will  also up on my etsy shop soon too....
  All for today - time to find something to do - kids are both working and the hubby is out and about on the Harley so maybe its time for me to jump in the pool for a bit....maybe a movie since I have had free movie tics for awhile now and cant seem to get anyone to go with me.....
  Take Care

Friday, July 3, 2015

All Aboard

  Pre-posting for today as I worked last night....I didn't finish cleaning in my bathroom yesterday like I planned but instead cleaned off my patio as it wasn't quite as hot as normal yesterday am so I took advantage of it to work outside (believe me I REALLY need to pulls weeds but the patio really needed to get done too!!)
  A cool image here today by Sweet Pea Stamps artist Holly Durr called 'All Aboard'. I colored her with polychrome pencils and layered her to a shimmery gold cardstock (both panels edged with gold metallic pen) and added some gold corner stickers.
  The back is stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink.
  All for today - Take Care

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wild and 'Feral'

  Well I am up and moving this am and that says a lot....pups got a short walk and now to get up the energy to keep moving :)
  I need to finish deep cleaning my bathroom - have one wall to do and 2 cabinets....and my knees are already sore from climbing up and down the step ladder yesterday....
  I managed to get a fair amount done yesterday - most of my bathroom deep cleaned and my 'dining room'/ancillary craft room put back the way it was before the windows (actually a little better organized than it was - and I even threw a couple things away......sigh.....I just know next week I will have some great idea for the stuff I threw away!!!)
  Todays project is another of the reading cards - making headway on these, hope to have them all done soon....
  This pretty image is from Sweet Pea Stamps artist Rebecca Sinz and I colored it with a combination of prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
  I layered the main image to a gold shimmery cardstock and edged both panels with gold metallic pen. I added some stickers for accent and the back of the card is stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink.
  All for this am - Take Care

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mermaids rest

  Well after a good walk with my pups now for a bit of breakfast and some blogging time before I start slowly putting my house back together....a few windows yet to get put in today but am starting to put things back in the rooms they are done with.
  Showing you a project I finished off yesterday in my studio (I still love being able to say that :)
  I started with a prepared 8 by 10 cradled board - about 6/7 layers of plain wax.
  Then I added blues, whites and yellows for my ocean scene - tried for kinda a sunset sorta thing - didn't really turn out like I wanted in that direction but still liked it.
   Next I did the photo transfer of the ship (actually did it twice because I added some more wax on top of the first and didn't like it so added more wax and then did it again...)
  I had this mermaid sitting on the table that I colored up about a week or so ago with intentions of using her on this piece. She is a digital image from Selina French and I colored her with polychrome pencils and cut her out.
  I heated the wax below where I wanted her and embedded her into the wax and then added a couple layers of clear wax on top and then did just a bit of playing with some blue and white to make waves at the bottom of her tail and near the rock.
  I just love how she turned out - and my friend Helen Harris decided she liked it enough to buy it from me too :) My first sale at the gallery :)
  All for today - better get to work!!!
   Take Care