Sunday, August 30, 2015

Veedau woo national park - Wyoming

   Preposting another batch of Wyoming pics for you today - flying back to florida early this am.....
   These are taken from the morning we went over to Veedau woo park - lots of cool rock climbing opportunity - and lots of photo opps too.
  Tons of photos today and another batch tomorrow.....
  Mom and I didn't climb up very high but the kids did.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


   One more day in Nebraska and then back to my Hubby and my pups and my nice soft bed!!!
   Finally uploaded pics from my camera and did some editing last night so here is the first batch from Wyoming.
   Paula and Cortney and Collin at a high point look out the day we went to the hot springs.
  A couple pics from the "short, easy" 2.5 hour, no path, hike my brother Chris took us on to see the ponds up the mountain from his cabins.
  And the last few from another 'short easy hike' the next day - not much shorter but easier and even a narrow path to follow - went to some cabins way out in nowhere that are pretty well stocked - folks who stay there are allowed to use anything but encouraged to leave something behind and restock for the next person - there was a good stock of wood for the firepit and woodburner in the cabin, axes, kerosene lanterns, food, linens and blankets for the beds and games and magazines too. There is a creek running through the camp that had pools built into it to keep foods cold (the water is snow runoff so very cold) - and they have lots of hummingbirds around too. Pretty cool place!!!
  The last 2 pics were taken the morning we left - ice covered by snow on the mountain - down to about 7000 feet - but my brother said most of it was gone by noon. Made for a pretty wake up to start the drive home.
  All for today - gotta get my suitcase stuffed back together and a cooler packed from Grandma/pa's garden to take to Lincoln today - am staying the night with Paula and she gets to take me to the airport in the am......
   Take Care

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Handsome knights

   Hot, Hot, this is getting old and boy does it feel good to walk into the AC after taking the pups for a walk.....
  Speaking of hot - how about this image from Teresa Sherman called 'Dashing Knight' - he's kinda hot himself dontcha think!!!
  I colored up 2 versions as I often do - used prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
  I layered the main image to a gold shimmery cardstock and edged both layers with gold metallic pen and then added some gold corner stickers.
  I used cool grays on the armor in the front, along with some copper and the armor in the back I used warm grays and touches of gold on the chain mail.
  All for today - determined to get some time to play in my studio today....
   Take Care

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gorgeous Guinevere

  Well it has been crazy busy for me lately - one kiddo back off to school in Tallahassee and my DD and I leave on Thursday am to drive her back to college.
  I am in the process of switching jobs which is always fun - change is a good thing even if it has to knock you upside the head to effect the change.....
  And it has been HOT and HUMID here in NW Florida - the other morning at 715 am when we took the pups for a walk it was already a heat index of 100 degree's - I am so looking forward to a few days in Wyoming at my brothers place in the mountains - cool and low humidity - It will be hard to come back to the heat!!!
   Two more cards in my reading card set that I am doing - 2 versions of the same image by Teresa Sherman at Sweet Pea Stamps. She is called 'Gorgeous Guinevere'.
  I colored both versions with prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
  I layered the main image to a shimmery gold cardstock and edged both layers with gold metallic pen and then added some gold stickers too.
     All for today - at least 3 or 4 things I should be all I need is the energy and motivation to do them.....
   Take Care!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Locker hook for Mom

   I finished off a rug for my Mom today for her Birthday. She wanted one just like the one I made for my son so she already knows what it looks like :)
  My puppy Duke seems to approve - Kyna was too busy watching for killer squirrels (she doesn't like having her picture taken anyway :)
  All for today - trying to get back in the swing of things  - lots of stress around me lately......sigh......but now I have some time off and will recoup a bit.
  Take Care

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wolf stare

   Oh Hallo,
  work, sleep, work again....
  Another wonderful Sweet Pea Stamps image for you this am from Rebecca Sinz called 'Predatory'
  I colored it with prismacolor and polychrome pencils.
  I haven't pulled out this image in a long time and really love the wolf and love how he turned out this time!!!
  We have a 'Wolf preserve' a couple hour from us here in NW Florida and one of these days I am going to save up enough money to go over and take pictures for the day - Love wolves!!!
  We used to see coyotes a lot growing up on the farm in Nebraska and one of our dogs growing up was half coyote, but the only time I have seen a wolf in the wild was a couple times in Alaska and only from far away.
  This card is another in my reading card series and the main image is backed with a shimmery gold cardstock, both layers edged with gold metallic pen and I added some gold corner stickers too.
  The back is stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey  Ink.
      Well off to bed with me - Take Care

Monday, July 20, 2015

Butterfly Wings

  I have 2 versions of this lovely image to show you today - its a Sweet Pea Stamps image called 'Beautiful' by Holly Durr and I just had to do her up twice.
  She is colored with prismacolor and polychrome pencils and after I had her mounted on the gold cardstock I added some glitter to her wings.
 Both layers are edged with a gold metallic pen and I also added some gold corner stickers for accents.
  The back of these cards are stamped and embossed with stamps from Papertrey Ink.
  Not too much new here this Monday morning - walked the pups, need to do my stretches and then maybe do some cleaning - but I don't have a lot of energy this am might just end up working on the rug for my Mom or coloring....
 My van which has been in the shop for almost 3 weeks should be done today - crossing my fingers that it is finally fixed - for real this time :)
  And after a short weekend off I do have to work tonight....and tomorrow night....
  Have a great Monday ya'll