Tuesday, May 5, 2015


   I have another box to show you today - been on a roll with the boxes :)
  The main image is from 'The Eastwind' at Sweet Pea Stamps - called Lucy Loo - Voyager II and is colored with prismacolor pencils.
  I did her up with blues this time and added lots of little doo dads - flowers, brick brack for her 'shelf', a gold corner piece made from clay, a charm and tassel and lastly some gears and such....along with an old drawer pull for the 'box opener'
   I love making boxes so you can be sure you will be seeing more from me :)
   All for today - need to run an errand before I head to the studio today....
      Take Care

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Vintage wax

   Well I had a good day playing with wax in my studio yesterday. the first 3 pics show some panels I have been working on - or rather they got to this point and I really liked them but they didn't feel 'done' so I set them aside and just waited.
  Well Thursday when my friend Pat and I went shopping I found a nice stencil and decided to try it on a few of these panels and see how they looked.
   So the next few pics show how they look now with a bit of red wax applied with the stencil and now I do believe they are done (except for framing) I plan to frame these 4 up in a group in the same frame and the last 4 I will add some more design with a stencil but probably do the last 4 all in different colors because I plan to frame them all separately.
  The last 2 pictures are of another painting in the same style as these, only it is 12 by 12 inches instead of 8 by 8.
   All for today - time for me to get some sleep for the day, it is going to be a long weekend - I am not used to working 3  12 hour shifts in a row anymore.....
   Take Care

Friday, May 1, 2015

Unicorn box

  Just popping in quick to show you a sweet little box I finished off a couple days ago - and then am headed off to my studio :) So love saying that still - to play with my wax.....
   The main image for this box is by Karen Middleton from Sweet Pea Stamps, called 'Unicorn Dreams'
  I colored him with prismacolor pencils and added some stickles glitter to his horn and a little bit in his mane too.
  I used a couple pretty papers on the box - and the inside bottom is lined with dark blue felt. Then I added some pretties, all in white - why I am note sure because I had blue ones and green ones (flowers) picked out but the white just seemed to fit better. And added some old drawer pulls for feet.
  The box is 5 by 6 and 1/4 inches and 3 inches tall (4 and 1.4 with the feet).
  Not too much new here - went to Pensacola yesterday and ended up spending more of my craft budget than I intended, but Hobby Lobby got me again - they had a whole bunch of stuff on sale for 50% off and most of it was stuff I actually use . Course I spent a bit at JoAnn's and Tuesday Mornings too......
  We had a fun day - between our 2 schedules, my friend Pat and I haven't had much of a chance for a day out lately so it was a fun day!!!
  Well better get on out the door - Take Care

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Steampunk fairy

  Finally getting a bit of energy going here - sleep was not to be had this am....got home from work and took the pups for a short slow walk around the block (vet told me not to walk my big boy for 2 weeks after getting him fixed - ya right, day 2 and he is a wild man and I am not going to sedate him - 15 minutes nice and easy and he was fine)
  So I get to sleep and about an hour and 1/2 later the fence guy calls and wants to come do the estimate (and we really need to get the fence done - and at least I don't have to work tonight...)
  So get that done and am back in bed and my DD starts texting me and then calls and we are on the phone for a bit over a half hour - but thats ok cause we haven't had much time to talk lately as school is keeping her busy, and she leaves for 6 weeks in Germany the day after her last final, so I wont see her till the end of June - my hubby is flying up to drive her car home next week so he will get to see her before she goes.....
  So at that point I am in bed and lay the phone on my pillow and briefly thought about shutting my alarm off and was more than half asleep and didn't want to roll over :) - so when the alarm goes off at 230 pm, I try to shut it off and go back to sleep but both my pups have long since learned that the alarm means I should be getting up and they make sure  I get up  :)
  Ah well - stiff and sore anyhow so I did my stretches and walked up to check the mail and have been playing on the computer ever since.....should try and do some cleaning.....
   Well on to todays project - Another steampunk style box and this one I did with a matching chipboard book that could be used for pics or a mini journal.....
   I used an image from Sweet Pea Stamps called 'Steampunk Doll' by Meredith Dillman and colored her with prismacolor pencils, cut her out with a Spellbinders die and edged it with gold metallic pen. I also added some glitter here and there.
  I used one of my decorated sanddollar seashells that finished off lately , a metal compass charm with a flat backed pearl for the center and a corner piece made from a clay mold.
  The 'feet' of the box and the lid 'pull' (for lack of a better word) are old drawer pulls which look good with the steampunk theme.
   All for today - a quick update in my etsy shop and maybe a bit of much needed house cleaning!!!
       Take Care

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Steampunk Traveler

   I have another box to show you today - steampunk style with a rubber stamp from Sweet Pea Stamps called 'Voyage II' by Lucy Loo.
  I colored the image with prismacolor pencils and cut her out with a Spellbinders die using an 'out-of-the-box technique.
  I covered the box with pretty papers to compliment the image and added some steampunky embellishments - from Tim Holtz and a corner embellishments made with clay.
  My big baby (my 80 pound german shepard puppy) is doing well this am after getting fixed yesterday - still moving a bit slow but otherwise doing well.
   So other that a short errand I will be hanging out in the house today - puppy hates the cone of shame but he will have to wear it while I am gone.....
  Have a great day!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Purple and gold, gold and purple...

   Well the pups got me out for my morning walk early and then I took my big boy to the vet this am to get him 'fixed' so am playing on the computer for a bit while I wait to go pick him up....
   I did this wax piece when I first started playing with the encaustic a couple years ago and just yesterday finally got it framed and finished off .
  I added some decorative gold corners made of clay. The was piece is 8 by 8 inches and framed in a 10 by 10 inch frame.
  All for today - more photos to edit and some cleaning to do before I go to the craft room.... or just head to the craft room.... :)
   Take Care

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ahhhh sunset.....

  A few pics from last evening sitting at the pizza place on the water watching the sunset - the first 2 are only a few minutes apart but the second one is already a bit less orangey and then the last one as the colors started to fade even more.
   Will have some crafty stuff to show you tomorrow - got a bit of time in the craft room yesterday and today.
Tomorrow am I have to take my puppy to the vet to get 'fixed' so I will be home most of the day after that - should do some house cleaning and then maybe a bit more time in the craft room.
  All for today - headed out with the hubby for a couple hours here....
   Take Care